The Woodside house was designed with one simple idea in mind. The outside of the house was intended to fit the neighborhood while the inside of the house was meant to feel futuristic. The neighborhood features older houses with a lot of stone with slate roofing that define the exterior of this thoroughly modern home. The home is built with highly insulated Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) and very efficient windows. The front faces south to let in the sun in the winter (passive solar heat) and the roof overhang shades the windows in the summer to prevent overheating. The 6 kW solar system provides 100% of the energy requirements of the home and the lithium ion battery backup system powers the critical loads in case of a grid power outage. The home is grid independent and can operate with the grid down indefinitely. 

The interior of the house features all custom built cabinets, a pneumatic elevator, custom LED lighting and a fully custom master shower featuring all digital controls.  All the paint and finishes are nontoxic and non VOC and there is a continuous fresh air ventilation system to maintain good indoor air quality at all times.