Sustainable Home Design in Gaithersburg

Sustainable Design Group has one goal in mind, to ensure you’re getting environment friendly home designs that are one with nature. We are a design build firm specializing in building green custom homes and we provide our clients with sustainable home design ideas so that we can maximize comfort for both you and your family. When you hire sustainable house builders, you’re not only getting eco-friendly homes but are also helping with environmental protection.

If you’re looking for a company that offers sustainable home design in Gaithersburg, we have a team of sustainable interior designers that will walk you through the entire construction process and work to design and build your dream project. We want to leave an environmental footprint on all the houses we work on, and we take pride in being able to provide you with a residential sustainable design you won’t forget. We’re very happy to offer our clients sustainable residential architecture that is grid-independent so your family is safe from outdoor elements. Sustainable Design Group is just a call away from giving you all the sustainable design benefits you’ve been looking for!

Modern Sustainable Home Design

Through our modern energy efficient home designs, we’re able to provide our clients with renewable energy systems for homes. If you’re looking for energy efficient home builders, we have sustainable design specialists that will work hard to provide you with a home that is not only safe but also eco-friendly. Our sustainable energy management system has many benefits which include the usability of energy efficient appliances. One of the biggest benefits of energy efficient appliances is that they lower utility bills and will provide you and your family with more affordable prices.

Our sustainable home builders specialize in modern, efficient homes that are easy on the environment and our designers will customize your modern home to meet your specifications and needs. We are Net Zero Home Builders, in other words, we intend on constructing a “green building” for you so that you’re getting the most out of your new construction while keeping in mind energy efficiency throughout the design process.

Sustainable Design Features

With our sustainable design features, you’ll get a more sustainable building with less energy and water usage. We have designed the architecture to make it more energy efficient with a green building energy analysis to help reduce your overall electricity bill. These environmentally responsible homes will also reduce the negative health and comfort impacts caused by the building’s architecture and heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and cooling systems. Some of the features include:

  • Sustainable Energy System
  • Energy Efficient Building Envelope
  • Optimizing Building Space
  • Protecting and Conserving Water
  • Healthy Indoor Environment

Zero Energy Home Builders

Sustainable Design Group are master builders and when John Spears founded the company he had one thing in mind – ensuring you’re getting a Green Home Design that fits both you and your family’s needs. Our home construction process consists of implementing green energy systems in our sustainable home design architecture. With our net zero home design, there are certain features we provide that we feel make our homes more sustainable than other homes of the same construction style.

Neighborhoods We Offer Our Eco Friendly Home Design Services


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Why Choose Sustainable Design Group to Built Your Dream Home in Gaithersburg?

If you’re looking to have a sustainable design specialist create an eco friendly home design, we are the experts you want to hire. Our solar power system gives a 2-3 day battery backup and comes with an electric car charger. As a solar custom home builder, we are the experts when it comes to building sustainable homes, and our award-winning eco-friendly homes are 100% solar powered. Please contact us today so that we can begin building your Green Dream Home!

FAQs Regarding Sustainable Home Design

A Sustainable Home is a design, construction, operation, and maintenance plan for a home or other structure to reduce the negative impact of energy use and pollution. It can also refer to a design for an energy-efficient home or structure to help reduce the overall environmental impact and negative impacts on human health from energy use.

A Sustainable Energy System is any system of energy production and consumption designed to minimize the negative impacts of environmental factors and maximize the positive effects of environmental factors.

The most efficient homes are those which use the least amount of energy per square foot of the home. Energy efficiency starts with energy-efficient building techniques. Energy efficiency also includes using lighting, heating, and cooling technologies, insulation technologies, weatherizing, and building materials to reduce energy usage and pollution.

It is the appliance that reduces overall heating and cooling energy usage of the home and is the most energy-efficient in the home. The most efficient appliance uses the least energy and helps reduce overall energy usage and pollution.

A net-zero home has 100% of the energy and water used to provide heat or cooling to the home. The most efficient homes have net-zero energy usage, which means that they use less energy per square foot than typical new homes of the same square footage and floor area.

A solar energy home uses less energy and reduces the overall negative impacts of air pollution, water pollution, and climate change compared to a traditional home using the same energy sources and materials.