The Sweetgrass home is an off grid, 100% solar powered healthy home in Taneytown Md. The home is one of the healthiest homes ever built. All the materials used are nontoxic and natural. Full time ventilation keeps the humidity low to prevent mold. The electrical system was designed and all the appliances were selected to reduce EMF.

The home is completely powered by an 8 kW solar system with batteries. Heating and natural cooling are provided by the passive solar design. The South facing windows provide heating during the day. Concrete walls absorb the solar heat during the day and heat the house at night. Back up heating is a radiant floor slab. In the summer, the overhangs shade the windows and the concrete walls keep the house cool like a basement. High windows on the south and large windows on the North provide cross ventilation. Backup cooling is a minisplit heat pump. The home is 1400 sqft with a Great Room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a screened porch.