There is a global need for small, residential solutions that are equally economical and environmental, self-sustaining and grid-independent. The designs showcased are solutions to global and local problems of the dependence of our homes on the infrastructure of our municipalities. These homes show that we can live with a reduced footprint by using the natural resources of the earth and fully sustain ourselves. Our SmallHouses are fully integrated building systems, able to meet all the needs of the occupants for comfort, water, sanitary waste, electricity, hot water and cooking, without the need for connection to central power, water, or sewer.

The Earth Home is a complement to and often employed method within our SmallHouses. The Earth Home is a very flexible building system that uses local natural resources – excavated soil from the very job site – to build homes, schools, clinics and other low rise buildings. The Earth Home is fully integrated into the natural energy flows and organic processes of the local environment to meet the life support needs of the building occupants. Earth Home uses the sun to heat the home, heat water, cook food, and generate electricity.

Clean rainwater is collected and stored for drinking and bathing. Kitchen and toilet waste is composted to rich organic fertilizer for the family garden. The Earth Home system produces buildings that are affordable, healthy, durable, hurricane-proof, earthquake-proof, comfortable, fire-proof, termite-proof, energy efficient, self-sufficient, and environmentally sustainable. In addition, the Earth Home system is very easy to build with unskilled labor and perfect for owner-builders or volunteer housing projects.

The Solar Trailer is distinct as our third iteration of SmallHouses due to its mobility: a self-sufficient tiny house that generates its own energy and water for personal consumption but is set on wheels to relocate and move with you. It is equipped with solar electricity, solar heating, solar hot water, rainwater collection, composting toilets, radiant floor heat, and natural cooling with air conditioning.